Just like Fenton –

I’m baaaaaccckk*.

No surprise – I am sitting in the United Lounge at SFO since Lufthansa doesn’t have their own lounge. United being the bragging but cheaper member of Star Alliance they grace their lounge with a couple of vegetarian lunch options (same hummus, olives, peppers, tabouli and garden vegetable soup as the last time) along with sugar loaded sweets. Not that I tried the different colors of Skittles to see if they were actually all the same or anything…

My flight boards for Frankfurt about 1430 and we arrive after 1000 tomorrow morning. Instead of traveling a lot lighter going home the extra bag is yarn for various people, souvenir pins for the next set of cruises, costumes for the cruise after that and the list goes on. When all is said and done – it feels like I am not making all that much progress in moving stuff out of Germany.

* Fenton – starring character in one of Tom Smith’s Filk Songs (Sheep Marketing Ploy (The Ballad of Fenton) (from Sounds Familiar)). If you have a sense of humor and enjoy filk – follow the link. If you have no clue as to what I am talking about – never mind.

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