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  1. Holly I wish there were some magical words of wisdom I could pass on to you to make what you are going through easier. Adverse situations come up in everyone’s life, but you hate to see someone you care about having to stand on that cliff. Just know there are are many people rooting for you.

  2. You did it! Is this a solid 12 hours or is it broken up? Are all the precursor drugs to help you get through the treatment? I’m glad you have your knitting, reading and wi-fi. Anything to make the process easier. I’ve learned never to go to the hospital without my knitting bag.

    Have a good night’s sleep and rest well tomorrow. Don’t come home until you feel OK. Refuah shleimah to you.

  3. Thanks for keeping me updated. Being without a parachute is NOT a pleasant thing. Sending positive thoughts do absolutely nothing but I AM thinking of you.

  4. Haven’t stopped thinking of you since I first read of the return of your cancer.
    While you are struggling to figure out all of the inevitable questions please keep in the back of your head what an incredible human being l think you are.
    I feel entirely blessed to have crossed your path and come to know, however peripherally, your amazing spirit and generous soul and beautiful heart.
    We don’t always get to change the world in big ways but I feel certain that the small cumulative effect you’ve had on those who have come to know you has created enormous synergy that will continue to vibrate through time and space.
    In other words, your being in this world has made a difference.
    Can’t ask for a whole lot more than that.
    I’m sending you positive healing energy and as much love as the number of angels on the head of a pin.
    Hang in the pal!

  5. Good for you, Holly! How long will you have to be an inpatient, and how are you feeling so far?

    • a couple whatever days. Depends on whether my tumor decides to cut and run all at once or meander toward the door…

  6. I’ve never been Cliff-jumping… sounds pretty cool. And inspiring Holly, you are amazing! The thing I got threaded through your email was the acceptance of those things ‘we cannot control’ as opposed to those things we CAN.

  7. True, does your connectivity device allow to be muted, so a reply from me doee not interrupt your resting?
    Stress is the last thing I would want to add.
    Is it a central venous catheter at least and you have your arms free?

    • oh yes. Central line and all. Hands free and blood still flows back so I have been able to avoid any additional needle sticks… makes life a lot better

  8. May God hold you up during your cliff jump, and give you wings to land safely and smoothly. Hugs and prayers

    • Well, I’d really like my fever to go away. common side effect. Got oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. I’m not doing a day at a time, more like an hour at a time…

  9. There were, are and will continue to be many prayers lifted for you. Hang in there; you’re not alone.

  10. Absolutely. The staff likes working here. Most of the nurses I have interacted with have been with the VA system somewhere in the 5-30 year time frame. They are respectful, using titles and last names as a matter of routine. They have no problems saying exactly what is going on… Care givers with a much better attitude than any Army Hospital in my experience. Sacramento was exactly the same.

    Then, of course there is the Chaplain, the Social Worker and the Geriatric Services crew..

  11. snicker. See what you have to look forward to? Young kids looking at you like you are aged or decrepid.

  12. How are you holding up? If you don’t mind my asking, what are they using for immunotherapy? Hang in there!

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