Its not a stampede

Rather it is multiple forms of transportation interspersed with long waits.

First there is the up, out of the cabin and have breakfast where random assignment lands us at a table where this couple from Canada and I figure out that we were both on the Liberty TA in fall 2012. Which leads to the later firing of the neurons making the connection to the woman’s sister who I have also cruised with at a different time. Looking ahead, we will all be on a trans-atlantic this fall. Meeting up in Rotterdam.

Ok, backpack together, breakfast over. Wait for clearance to leave ship which is followed by finding luggage and waiting for customs. He can’t believe I didn’t buy anything. I point out that I am only transiting the US, not even visiting. ¬†Wait for the cab driver to get his meter rebooted so we can go to the airport.

Wait to get boarding passes. Wait to get through TSA. Wait in the United Lounge.

Take the flight to Houston

2) wait in Houston

3) flight to Calgary

4) luggage

5) hotel ……

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