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  1. My hubby bought me ankle bracelets for walking in the evenings that are both glow-in-the-dark and mosquito repelling.

    Only problem is I felt like I looked like someone out on parole with the darn thing on, strolling around the neighborhood. But no mosquito bites!

  2. In the 1930’s, one of my mother-in-law’s cousins was wiring rural houses as the REA came in.

    One of the homes was that of the rancher’s widow who had joined her husband south of Coleman, TX in 1867. The tax rolls showed that she owned half the county and her later estate underwrote the local hospital until a couple of nuts mismanaged it in the ’90’s.

    He & his wife stayed in the guest room while he was working. His wife found her hostess to be gracious, practical and mentally gifted.

    The wife asked her “Of all the modern conveniences we have now, which do you value most?” Her instant reply was “Screens”

  3. Then maybe the turmoil of Germany during that period meant they missed the boat completely on that modern improvement – screens to exclude insects.

  4. We used this trick summers in Germany. Try hanging a couple of those fabric softener dryer sheets above the bed. If it works here in Georgia (even with screened windows mosquitos find their way in) it should help there as well.

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