It was about

at this point

five rows past the armholes

five rows past the armholes

that I discovered the dropped stitch. Picking up the stitch is not the issue. With a fine crochet hook, capturing a straying thread and hooking it up 20 rows is not difficult. The yarn is Rowan’s Felted Tweed. Lovely to knit with, it does not have as much give as one would expect out of a wool yarn. ┬áIt was obvious from the tightness of the area, about three stitches wide, that the fabric was not forgiving. The interior of the garment did not look all that bad but the reverse stockinette clearly showed where the repair had been made.

Sighing, I pulled out those 20 rows and decided to knit them tomorrow during the day when I potentially had enough light.

Switching to a short project – two strands of Brunswick Impressions knit up, run through the washer and dryer makes for a quick bag while using up two complementary left over balls of yarn.



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3 Responses to It was about

  1. The cat says:

    Oh miaou! What a nuisance. I sympurrthise!

  2. Mary H says:

    LOVED Brunswick Impressions! Nice to know someone else had it in their stash (at least until recently! LOL)

    • Holly says:

      and if you need some, I have it to share. Lots of it. In colors that I in all likelihood will never use, but it was on closeout.

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