it was 365 steps

or perhaps more if I didn’t count correctly from the upper gondola station to the Comsic Ray Collection Station at the top of the next peak. And, in case you didn’t guess, that number represents one direction. Since you have to hike a bit down first and then up it means that there were an equal number of ascending and descending steps when you added it all up.

As you might have noted in yesterday’s post, the plan included a 3.5 hour tour of the Banff area. ¬†We started from the Central Transportation Center (bus pick up, tour purchase and a Tim Horton’s to encourage those in the waiting area to get wired and/or fat).

First: Off to Sulfur Mountain, up the Gondola and over the Cosmic Ray Station and back down.



We then re-boarded the bus for a drive past a number of the mountains

Stopped to climb up to Bow River Falls –

Then to see the Hoodoos

and then there is the Fairmont Hotel (built originally by the Railroad. Since you can’t bring the mountains to the tourists – you bring the tourists to the mountains.)

In the afternoon – we first went to the Buffalo Nation Musuem

and then walked back across the Bow River Bridge just after the rain.

We had dinner at a basic Korean restaurant. In fact, we were the only non-Korean’s in the place. I adore Hotpot, especially when the cooker is built into the table.

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