It shouldn’t be that hard

to track a simple thing. But before I go there..

Today was a day at sea, our first since the beginning of the cruise. Most cruise lines have some standard events that are part of the regularly programing. On Royal, the Cruise Critic meeting falls into that category, taking place on the first sea day (or morning with late docking). That meant at 1000 this morning I had a chance to meet a few people from the Roll Call. I also contributed a few towels to the drawing. I like the towels, but there is a limit to how many I can take home. Most people don’t have a problem, since they choose bottles of alcohol as their free thank you gift.

This takes me back to the start of the rant. Last evening, oh just before 2200 I received a call from Room Service. We have a gift for you from the Hotel Director. Can you open the door so we can give you the bottle of wine?

No. I don’t drink. I don’t want the bottle of wine. Take it back, take it to the crew party – I don’t care, but I don’t want it. What I would like is to go back to sleep. Thank you and good night.

Following the Cruise Critic Meeting there was a reception in Chops for the Gold Card Holders. Two of the other pinnacles had been on the previous cruise. The new member of the group turned out to be Paul who was on the Legend in Fall 2014. I am starting to think of this as a very, very small world. All three are transferring to the Jewel in Rome on the 27th.

Back to food – since cruises seem to be about food and drinks. This time the chef remembered me. Delivered to our table were a variety of vegetarian snacks including tempura vegetables, samosas, spring rolls and some lovely BBQ TVP “meat”balls. The staff there knows me well enough to supply Sprite Zero without even being asked.

To round out the day, when I went back to the cabin I found the bottle of red wine, a corkscrew and two glasses. Probably the same bottle I had turned down the night before. Breathing a huge sigh, I took the bottle and corkscrew up to Guest Services. When the Food & Beverage Manager walked by I handed them both to him.

I don’t drink. Please take these back and do something with them. I turned down the alcohol last cruise. I turned it down last night. Today I find it in my cabin. I really, really don’t want it.

He was apologetic.

What do you want to bet I get gifted wine again next cruise?

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