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  1. Holly, I didn’t mention it the other day, but my mother didn’t come to my wedding, at least the one she was invited to. I was her only daughter. She didn’t approve of the relationship. It wasn’t all about her. I later moved to Paris where I lived for almost twenty years. She never once came to visit because she didn’t approve. It’s not that I brooded for years about it. But she made herself irrelevant to my life. And I’ve never forgotten it, although I won’t allow it to hurt me. The problem was hers, not mine.

    I know your decision was made for very different and more valid reasons. I’m not comparing, just sharing. And I’m so glad you are still speaking! May it continue.

  2. Hi Holly, I am knitting a dark blue Lotus Blossom this month also. Just wanted to share that with you and send my support as you move through this period in your life. My sister married quietly – no religious service – after her children were born (probably to assure their insurance benefits). My nephews are not being Bar Mitzvahed and my father has never said anything though I knew it hurts him terribly. I think he can’t imagine life without access to his only grandchildren.

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