In Transit

Back in Civitavecchia today. I have finally learned how to spell it, but can’t pronounce it when needed without stumbling. Go figure, it just shouldn’t be that hard.

Bailed off the ship early and hiked back to the hotel which I stayed at before the cruise started. The people there are lovely and I enjoyed several hours of WiFi and a cappuccino.

Unlike cruises which start and end in Fort Lauderdale, almost no one on the Jade seems to be local. Yes, you can walk off yourself but it seemed like less than 50 people took advantage of that fact. There were only about 10 of us on the shuttle bus to town. I suspect the rest had either private transfers arranged or an early ship’s transfer to the airport.

Walking through town early is interesting. There is good street lighting, but absent sidewalks where you need them most (bridge over an underpass and water). This is important because sunrise is not until about 0730.

Tomorrow will be a sea day, then we start the Eastern swing with stops in Greece and Turkey along with a stop again in Naples on the way back. I get a few more sea days for knitting and reading this time around…..

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