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One of the things that had not occurred to me when I retired was that checking the mail was to be a pain; similar to when I was in the UK. Not exactly local, although a few miles each way is much more convenient than 65 miles each way, I have to actually plan and execute the trip.

Plan it because it makes no sense to arrive at a time that the post office is not open in case I might just have a package. Executing the mission is just one more thing to add to the day. It doesn’t happen when I am out of town. Almost all financial correspondence comes these days electronically. Periodicals arrive via the German Post. Certainly we get enough junk mail and shopping flyers to fill the paper bin each month.

So when I get asked if something has arrived I answer without ever thinking about, or mentioning the last time I even checked for mail. Nope – nothing.

Instead of – yes – I have packages!

been bouncing around since June 2011

been bouncing around since June 2011

Including this totally pathetic and abused package. Please ignore my coffee cup. There were two books and a comic from a fellow SciFi fan in Baltimore. First mailed to my deployment address in Afghanistan it was forwarded to the 62nd’s rear detachment at Joint Base Lewis-McCord since we had all left end of March. One of the sergeant’s there figured out that I wasn’t in the unit and sent it on to me here. Only took a bit over 3 months all told.

I also received a number of patterns ordered from Reconstructing History.

Most importantly, there was a package that left California 30 Aug 2011



a card and this luscious scarf tucked into a bag for save keeping.
Cashmere and Kid

Cashmere and Kid

A wonderful shade of red, this scarf is so soft and airy yet warm. It will brighten up my winter and coordinate beautifully with my grey coat. I knew it was out there in the mail only because Alison had inquired when I hadn’t said anything a month after it had been sent. So no, it wasn’t lost. It arrived at our local APO about 13 Sept, after my last visit to the post office prior to catching that Space-A flight from Ramstein.

From now on I will have to caveat everything with “please remember, I only go to the post office every 2-3 weeks and haven’t checked my box since (fill in date>.”

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4 Responses to In the Mail

  1. AlisonH says:

    It CAME!!! Oh I am SO relieved. Thank you! (Note that my mailman must not read my postcards: there was one saying they were evaluating the carriers on my route, and he put all my mail in my next door neighbor’s box except for my credit card bill he left in her bushes. Postal service in this area has serious issues, so it’s easy to worry when things go astray.)

  2. Carmen says:

    Well, getting that contract with the Army would really help that situation!

  3. Ruth says:

    Oh good! I know Alison was getting concerned about this little package. I was the sneaky one who provided her with the address….of course.

  4. Jim Child says:

    Happy Birthday!

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