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  1. It was grand fun, wasn’t it? And we scored some real beauties. I’ve never been to School Products, so the next time you come to NYC, we can check that one out. And let’s hope the weather is a bit cooler, too.

  2. I was at both School Products and Habu year ago and again 2 years before that. While close to each other, they weren’t in the same building? Did one move?

  3. I’ve obviously roamed the streets of these neighborhoods without ever knowing what was in the shops above ground level. However, a teen-age juvenile delinquent wasn’t doing much shopping back then. Inge arrived in New York when she was 18, but spent most of her time out on Long Island for three years before being swept off her feet by some Air Force dude whom she married.

  4. Incredible! I think I’ll say for letter for when I’m in the City next. Probably not for a long, long time but one never knows.

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