Ilulissat, Greenland – Day 1

Photos will follow

One of the larger cities in Greenland (population hovering around 5k) this particular Danish outpost is on the Kangia Fjord and home to one of the most active glaciers in the world. The Sermon Kujalleq calves off 10-15 mega-sized icebergs a month. It provided the iceberg which sunk the Titanic among others. Moving at a rate of about 20 meters a day (which is faster than some of us move)

To our bad luck, the Fjord is full of rather significant icebergs at the present. End result is that we can’t get those last 4 km up the 50 km long fjord. There are enough small and large floaters that the local authorities have determined that it is not safe to allow inexperienced tender boat drivers out on the water for that distance. As much as I would really, really, really loved to have hiked on land today, our experience on the return journey yesterday only servers to confirm the decision. The planned harbor excursions by local boat will still run. The ship is making every effort to obtain more water transport from local sources. As could be expected (sorry German readers) there are a few on board who are taking the change in plans and the cancelling of their planned private explorations as a personal insult. The tour desk personnel have been absolutely amazing in their ability to withstand the hurled insults and complaints from those who are taking the change in plans as a personal insult. Neither weather nor icebergs are under the control of the ship’s captain who, while an extremely annoying Norwegian who adores rolling his “R’s” past all sensibility, and safety trumps temper tantrums in my book. I was thinking that a few of these passengers could give the other trump a run for his money in completely inappropriate public behavior.

Back to the irregularly scheduled commentary.

There are two water taxis here. As it turns out, they are running a brisk business taking those who are doing the flight seeing to the airport connection and back.

The end result of sitting here looking out the window is that I see a lot of icebergs – oh, let us say more than 30 between us and the town all of which are bigger than our ship. I think going out on a local boat makes a lot of sense. Playing Titanic doesn’t….

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