Ill health and delayed ships

Yesterday afternoon, for the third day in a row (they just managed it prior to final departure in San Juan) there was a passenger making a visit to the local hospital via ambulance. At the last minute means delays for the ship, the cabin attendant rapidly packing up all the belongings (hello, we are leaving for Southampton, no way are you going to rejoin the ship. Your luggage needs to be with you…  All of this may go a short ways toward explaining why a sister ship – Freedom of the Sees (the oldest of the triplets) arrived after we did and left earlier in an earsplitting blast of noise. Not just the ship’s horn but the music at the pool, their CD staff and all the vacationers who are headed back to Port Canaveral after two days at sea. 


Should I mention that the two missing passengers who got a ride out to the ship in one of the electric carts managed to get back on board only because the ambulance patient hadn’t cleared the ship?


This doesn’t count the fact that at 2130 we turned around, went back to port and dropped off yet another passenger.


Otherwise, a small group of us knitters met this morning. After getting sideswiped by the time zone change (noon becomes 1300, I have done this before) I missed the 1500 Ice Show. Since both the DL and CL had left piles of tickets out, I picked up one for the 1700 show.


So there I was, me and my new camera body/lens (having bitten the bullet and replaced that which was stolen in Arica. Having seen this particular ice show (Strings!) several times before I was able to anticipate a number of the action shots that I wanted. Photos, of course, to be posted either nearer the end of the cruise if I have Internet time to burn or in Southampton.


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