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If I could buy at ticket — 4 Comments

  1. I have labeled those automated HELL. and that is what it is . so when i get automated HELL on the phone i usually start punching zero alternating that with yelling unkind things about HELL and agent agent help help help
    some of the automated HELL is programmed to hang up on you. take your pick you can redial the #1 works also. Stay away from 7 and * as those are usually “♪♫Goodbye♫♪” which infuriates me worse than talking to automated hell. I used to wonder how many customers were lost to that. But then when one has no choice, we the sheep have to comply funnel ourselves down the chute through the gate and to the sheering machine.

    Personally, I resent it.

  2. In my opinion, the train will stop, but you need to be on the platform, because if they don’t see you they will not stop for long.

    Amtrak is a government owned corporation, and you know how well the government is working these days? More than half the people in Congress are bat-poop nuts, and want smaller guvermint. Not better. Smaller.

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