Ice and spring

There is snow still all over everything and ice on the lake. I went hunting for ducks and geese, but they were all in farther pastures.

Ice on the pond

Ice on the pond

It still is getting dark rather early, but the snow storm promised today will not arrive until tonight, tomorrow.

Spring Trees

Not completely happy with the lower border of the previous tree vest, it is too wide and has a length such that I can extend it or shorten it only by multiples of 40. Not really great for the ability to multiply size the pattern.

So I am trying it again before sending it out to a test knitter or two.

The ribbing I like, 2×2 with alternating twisted stitches-

Twisted Ribbing

Twisted Ribbing

The contrast color(s) is a medley of spring colors – 2 ply hand spun merino that I finished last May.

Spring colors - 2 ply

Spring colors - 2 ply


The last time I was at Croughton – I picked up three DvDs from the library – “Rosemary & Thyme.” It is a British mystery series of sorts. After watching the first two episodes, I have to admit I appreciate British casting much more than US. All the characters look like real people – none of that slick glamor so common to even US sitcoms. Some of the rest of it now? It is a bit of a stretch of the imagination and stupid sub-plots galore.

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