I want to be him when I grow up

Remember I told you about my exercise partner from the Grandeur last fall? 87 year old English gentlemen traveling by himself? Lovely guy who at 88 this past spring was once again on the Grandeur for the transatlantic crossing? We met at the gym each morning then enjoyed a quiet breakfast together every sea day.

Leaving the knitting group on Saturday, I passed by him in on the Promenade. About a meter beyond my brain kicked in and I turned, calling out. Sure enough, there he is looking younger and fitter than ever. I never expected to see him on the Indie since he likes the smaller ships. It hadn’t occurred to him that I was on this ship since he hadn’t seen me the last two mornings at opening exercise time. My plan of exercising late afternoon has just gone out the window. I will brave the morning crowds (which he says have been nonexistent due to the high seas and rough ride in the 12th floor fitness center) to meet my favorite exercise partner.

I have even offered to take him to breakfast afterwards!

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  1. AlisonH says:

    I love it. Enjoy!

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