I should get off the ship?

Admittedly, the water looked beautiful –

don't you just love the color

don’t you just love the color

and I had just about decided to head to shore when I met some people coming back. Inspite of using commercial tenders apparently the process was still a pain. Further, the water was a bit on the cold side.

Now, I have my own snorkel gear and a skin suit, but left the wetsuit at home. I’m not much for cool-cold water, I start shivering too fast.

Executing an about face, I went back to the cabin, grabbed reading material (iPad) and decided I could enjoy multiple locations around the ship now that they were child free. I did mention that most of the passengers were both first time cruisers and if not 20s-30s party animals then burdened with small children?

No clue why we left so early since it is no distance at all to the Bahamas except that I think they wanted to get their money out of formal night. So here it is – the whole trip captured on one screen

the whole trip, short

the whole trip, short

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