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I love my daughter — 7 Comments

  1. She’s gone back to school by now, right? They all have. And, once you’ve got rid of that official, have-to-feel-it anguish, you’re FREE, FREE (a bit anyway!)

    Oh I am so glad you got that knitting back. At last. It would tear me to shreds to lose a WIP.

  2. Here I was thinking you’ve been so busy you haven’t blogged in a few weeks. Apparently Bloglines was holding your posts hostage! Anyway, the pink hair is kind of cute, from a “I’m not her mother” perspective. I laughed at the photo progression, getting closer and closer to what she was holding! So glad you have gotten your knitting back.

    I’ve got the Faye Kellerman on my shelf waiting for me to finish “The Spellman Files”. I’ve had almost nothing decent to read for a few weeks and now all of the things I had on hold at the library have come in at once.

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