I have a husband?

Since I have been on my own more or less for the last six weeks, it hardly seems like I have family even tho I talk to them regularly and even get email.

The oldest member of the family (aka DH) came in on a plane this morning and after a few false starts and a drive-around, I found him at the Terminal 2 pick up zone at Heathrow. The police there are polite but not friendly about anyone waiting more than a couple of minutes. I wonder why they didn’t bother with the commercial vehicles….

Should I say that he was surprised at how humdrum a life I lead? After all, Camberley is not exactly the hotbed of anything. We made the circle of downtown in about ten minutes, then we walked through the Mall just to say that we had been there.


Making progress – even tho I am not exactly following the directions.


Audio Books

Started Breaking Point by Suzanne Brockmann.


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