I am not 32 anymore

Also in port yesterday – HAL Rotterdam. & Phoenix Albatross

Passenger origin: (all numbers rounded)
180 Norwegians
150 Spanish
225 Romanians
170 US
730 Germans

Ok and on to today. But first, the year is 1983 and I am hiking a 200 km self paced volksmarch around the Canton of Thurgau in Switzerland. It is the second day. Yesterday we hiked 70km today is is only 60 but we have done sea level to 1000 meters six times.

After that it has taken a lot of hiking up to intimidate me

Then today I am hiking up to a waterfall. Only 1500 meters up the mountains scrambling around ricks streams and wet grass.

My 24 hours is about to run out so the rest of the story tomorrow.

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