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  1. @Kathy

    but not the pasta salad or potato salad? We are here for another 10 days and I am desperately trying to empty out cupboards and the fridge. Makes for some interesting choices.

    I have no idea why I have three lifetime supplies of carbs on hand

  2. In about 2002 or 2003 temps hit 40 in Mannheim and 41 in Karlsruhe. I asked a older friend who grew up in Viernheim about the heat. He said that there are 2 weeks of 38-40 every year. Most people in the Rhein- Nekar region simply refuse to admit it.

  3. Was in Bosnia in 1998 and Kuwait summer of 2003 – but otherwise I have been here just about every summer. Worst I remember was 37*C. Maybe it was cooler up on my hill?

  4. Sounds like here, where an electrician told me 28 years ago when I asked about AC, Aw, lady, live here a year or two and see if you still think you need it—it’s only hot a few days a year.

    Which is SO not true now. We have AC now and it runs most days of the summer. Multiple heat waves over 100F per summer are a given now.

  5. But there is no climate change. Just ask certain people….. The same ones who think being born in Calgary means you are native born US, but being born in Hawaii doesn’t count….

    (off soap box)

  6. Well, you could blow a hair dryer on yourself and pretend you were in Iraq…it sounds miserable!

  7. Your e-mail has persuaded me that summer really is here – it is just unevenly distributed (to misquote William Gibson in The Economist). Here in Scotland we seem to have gone straight from spring to autumn with nothing in between. It is officially the worst summer in 22 years, and the other day (August 4th) the weather forecast was for sleet. Just don’t mention global warming here . . .

    The Edinburgh Festival has just started so the streets here are full of aliens, mermaids and people wearing other crazy costumes. I went to the Tattoo on Thursday night, which was excellent. Then I went to a couple of shows yesterday – both good, although one does have to be selective as there is a lot of garbage masquerading as comedy too. But it is a great time to be in Edinburgh, even if it gets very crowded on the streets with all the visitors.

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