Yes, plane last night. Boarded, took off, stretched out and didn’t bother with knitting, reading, food or drink for the entire flight.

Arriving in Frankfurt, George came to pick me up and waited patiently while I stood at the baggage carousel. After hanging out for a long time and feeling quite stupid, plus dizzy from watching all those bags (none of which were mine) go around and around I looked for Lufthansa’s baggage office.

For once, I actually found my baggage check tags which netted us the information that my luggage was in JFK. Not much use to me but I hoped it had a nice time visiting with all the other bags. Obviously my luggage was having too good a time to make the flight. No question (I asked) that my bags were tagged for Frankfurt. The guy helping me thought it might be the changing from Air Canada (I checked the bags in Quebec City) to Lufthansa; Terminal 7 to Terminal 1 or just the amount of time between flights. Apparently too much time might be just as risky as too little. In any case I didn’t see any point in hanging out till morning and gratefully accepted my ride home.

I really don’t remember much of the rest of the day. My rhythm was completely thrown off – what with no laundry or unpacking to capture my attention. So perhaps there might have been sleep, or Thai food or both.

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