Hit the Road, Jack

Besides the competitors, the executive chef, the cruise director and us judges there is also the dude running the sound system. Topi ( Finnish and the incoming cruise director) has chosen themes for each of the contestants plus entry music.

Of course, what else could you suggest for that moment when the disqualified contestant has to leave? Exactly. Hit the Road Jack which was sung by staff, judges and a good 1/2 of the audience.

Today, it was Angel, Food & Beverage Manager, who had to take off his pinny and jacket before making the walk of shame. Not that he didn’t prepare a nice sea food plate, it is just that he forgot to use one of the required ingredients. That, my friends, really blows your point score.

The Staff Captain had another fun story to go with his frankly pretty plain dish. And then there is the Head of Guest Services. She is French and just blew the competition out of Centrum.

The required items: Tiger shrimp, Alaskan crab leg, cilantro, cocktail sauce, Boston lettuce.

The three guys all made essentially a shrimp cocktail with decorations, crab stick and veggies. Korine made ceviche; totally awesome. It was so good that none of us were willing to give up our serving.

Off to have scones and dress up for dinner at the Captain’s table tonight (with the Finance Officer hosting).

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