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Hey! They changed the towels. — 22 Comments

  1. Interesting Epic, my least favorite ship, has fewer passengers and way more crew than Freedom. Probably casino staff.
    The towels look nice how big are they? Another friend from West Minister BC has a reservation on the Bliss and I talked to Helene from Ste Adele Quebec, she will send her deposit tomorrow.

    Stu in Ottawa -2C ice pellets snow and freezing rain. One week till next cruise!

    • The towels are about 2m x 1m or pretty close to standard bath towel size. I just figure to wash them with jeans the first couple of times through the laundry.

      The weather here has got to be nicer than Ottawa !

  2. Good to see you taking some time out.

    Had to laugh at your detailed stats on ships at Grand Cayman. I’m in a discussion about issues in Sydney with passenger numbers on a certain day (Ovation is in town as well as Radiance and a P&O ship). Australian cruisers don’t know the half of it when it comes to dealing with large numbers of passengers.

    And then someone brought up the subject of there being track work on the rail network with trains being replaced by buses, “Bad planning Railcorp”. Well if she looked a little more closely she would see it hardly impacts cruise passengers, or at least only a minimal number.

    Enjoying your musings. Stay strong.

    • Yes, nothing like Phillipsburg with more people getting off ships than live on the entire island….

      The rail network will affect boarding passengers who are silly enough to attempt to fly in the day of a cruise and then take the Rail. But since most of them will be Aussies, rather than clueless foreigners (grin)

  3. Given those sort of numbers I think that, should I ever actually want to sail somewhere, I’ll seek a cargo boat instead – just the crew and perhaps half a dozen passengers…

    • The challenge to cargo ships is that they do have a limited number of passengers. If you get along, it is fine. The bigger challenge is that they are not accessible. They don’t have to be – working ships with less than 10 passengers don’t have to provide anything in particular….

  4. Hooray for decent towels!

    I love the look of white towels but they never stay the intense white they start off with and are easily dirtied.
    You have done enough cruises to have pure gold ones…lol

    • No – that is just the lapel pin which RCCL sent me. Most expensive piece of jewelry I will ever own. Of course, I own almost no jewelry but that is besides the point.

      I figure a couple of runs through the laundry with the jeans – white doesn’t stay white and dark blue could turn the former white towels (RCCL) grey – hummm might be better than dirt!

  5. So glad they finally changed out the white beach towels. I have plenty of those, I liked the big Bluefield with the inflatable pillow. I think it was a wise decision not to go off the ship with that many ships in port.

    • I think these are an improvement as well. Now to see if they hold up to washing &/or dogs….

    • Can you imagine that fractal pattern on white? I think it would be interesting. The new towel is much better than the old one. Is that a Diamond Plus perk?

      • I can imagine it on white – the challenge would be to keep the back clean enough (since threads across open sections would show through white.

        Yes – towels kick in @ D+. I figure in a couple of years it will be down to a washcloth…

    • Nah – I said I could “watch” cricket. The sound wasn’t on, I had no clue who was playing – but it definitely was cricket bats, pitch and guys running back and forth.

      Before I went to a match in Wellington a couple of years ago – I went to Wiki and read the rules. It helps…

  6. Nice towels TY 4 the pic, have no need 4 them limited space, have some downstairs wish u were here 2 take them

    Sounds like u need them

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