Health Maintenance

includes all those things that you really need to do, but leaving you feeling poked, prodded and undignified.

Last month I was a good kid (May, we are thinking about May and the fact that it must have been a lifetime ago) and did the eye exam, mammography and bone density thing. All of which proved that my vision is crap, that I am flat enough to have been right about there isn’t anything there that would not be really obvious, and my bones are brittle. Ok. No surprises, none.

I am waiting on my new glasses, will think about repeating the mammography in a few years (annual? not this child), but will seriously have to do something about my bone density or I am going to wind up breaking things and falling down. I really don’t like Phosamex…nasty stuff.

Next on the list – current recommendations are that healthy adults get a colonoscopy at age 50, then every ten years for colon cancer screening. I am 58. That is 8 years of avoidance. Not quite as impressive as ignoring mammography for 13 years, but close.

Today was my lucky day at Lakenheath. One of the friendly surgeons (really good guy who teaches ATLS with me) was taking me on as a patient.

After a horrible drive up, I dropped in early to the Surgical Clinic. Scheduled for 1300, they were willing to move me up to 1100 (translates, I didn’t have to be hungry for a couple more hours while they trucked off and had lunch) when they finished early with their previous couple of patients. I don’t have much for veins, but IV meds do wonders in knocking out headaches.

I received a clean bill of health, the admin assistant from the flight medicine clinic walked me back to billeting and I checked in with the intentions of finally getting the rest of my missed nights sleep.

The Air Force takes excellent care of its senior officers; they put me in a suite with living room

counch, lounge chair, +

counch, lounge chair, +

just part of the kitchen

just part of the kitchen

and bedroom
larger bedroom than I have at home

larger bedroom than I have at home

and definitely more closet space. Too bad that I was not quite enough with it to enjoy myself.


I am not counting them, I am really not. Ms Maus who was with us in Barcelona remembered to haul along some of the regia cotton sock that I purchased on sale from Wollefactory. I started this scarf on size 5.5 needles. Sock yarn on such needles works up quickly.
I was almost finished with the first ball this past weekend

first half

first half

and completed the last couple of rows before deciding it was stupid to proceed without the pattern.
a bit over 18" long

a bit over 18\

and I really like the pattern.

Did I mention that there was free WiFi?

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  1. Carmen says:

    That pattern for the Regia scarf is pretty, and I like the way the shading of the yarn plays on it. The comment form comes up really slowly – not sure why. Anyway, this is a bit of a test of your new format.

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