heading out

I have to catch a train today to München (and sorry to those who get weird symbols instead of the actual umlaut. The link is for those who are interested the history and how the letters are managed in various computer languages.) I am wondering if this would work better if I went ahead and used the html Ä instead of Ä.

I can’t see the difference on my browser or computer, but then it is Swiss and I have it set to render properly.

I have purchased a few audio books from the Callahan series (go here if you want Spider Robinsons complete list in chronological order) and to Spider on the Web if you like music, stories and readings. A most quality broadcast).

Other than a change of clothes, my camer and some knitting – I have little I am taking along. No computer (no access while I am there) and hopefully no need to recharge the iPod. Suppose I pack a paperback just in case – Hostile Takeover by Swann (an omnibus). Or I could pull a couple of Tanya Huff’s Blood series off the shelf…..hummm.

Oh, this is the Bundeswehrs Chemical Medical Defense meeting. Troop kitchen, free room, nice people and an interesting agenda. What more could I want (and no, not bothering with a uniform since the normal requirement is Class A’s).  I will update on Thurs evening when I get back.

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  1. Angeluna says:

    FYI, the umlaut worked fine on my computer.

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