He goes to Vienna

and all I get is a baseball game.

It could be worse, much worse.  I am thinking a four day turnaround involving plane changes in both directions and a nine hour time zone difference would be more challenge that I really want.  Now, if I could stay a couple of weeks and travel around…..

Never mind.

Instead, I entertained myself my going to the game.  I have taken to going in the ADA gate since it is the closest to where I sit, easily found from BART and has the advantage of avoiding completely both ramps and steps. On those days where I am short of breath going down ramps is fine, it is coming back up that is the …..

Anyway, there are a number of us hanging out in line waiting for the security people to decide that it is ok to check us in while the lines at both main gates have been entering for the last few minutes. Next to me in line is a couple from Toronto.  As I understood, they were on vacation the location of which just happened to be San Francisco. And they just happened to go to the Blue Jays games at AT&T Park over the weekend and have planned to come to the Coliseum for today and the next couple of days. I think I see a pattern here. Perhaps the vacation days just happened to be when they could catch their home team in two stadiums? In any case, they were going to be headed up to Section 221 to catch the game.

Hanging out early and watching in the Jay’s batting practice a few balls were tossed up into our section. One landed on the overhang just below where we sit. There is an engineering minded guy in the group. When he come back from finding food he takes out his lightbulb changer, fixes the basket to the end of his flag and easily collects the errant ball. I figure – why not? Taking off to find the Blue Jay’s fan – I check in 221. Nope, not accessible. Not in 220 or 210 – the two areas on second level where you can wheel in. While I was at it, I checked 111 figuring that as the sensible alternative. Nada, and no one claimed to have seen an avid Blue Jays middle aged male fan wheeling along like mad.

Took the ball home and am planning on trying the next couple of games.

Oh – the As actually managed to win it! 4:1 in spite of the Blue Jays by far out hitting the As.

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