Or Chanuka or Hannuka or Hanukkah or whatever way you want to translate the Hebrew – It really doesn’t matter. Pick the spelling that you like best. You will come up with at least six on any websearch.

First Night - one candle

And, given that I took home a Hanukah in a bag, I had a menorah to light (plus a mini which I can take on the road). Courtsey of Mary in Guildford – I have a quite useful present.

London on a Key Chain

London on a Key Chain

I think she is hoping that this will decrease my chances of losing my key all the time.

1830 was the get together time at the Chapel. Which turned out not to be the Chapel, but back at the Annex where we always meet. Not only did we have supplies, but we are resourceful.

making latkes

making latkes

Where some flat grills, boxes of mix, and a bit of oil turns into Latkes for a whole crowd.

ready for the party

ready for the party

I would have pictures of us lighting candles, but someone forgot to take a badge off. End result is that I had to delete some really great photos and you will have to settle for this –

half of the Shabbat regulars

half of the Shabbat regulars

as about 1/2 of the Friday night regulars. (Hey – Hammer – please notice that I have not forgotten my weapon!). Instead of simply lighting candals and leaving, we had a party.

All of this may explain why I did not attend the Egyptian Hospital Change of Command this evening. It seemed like more fun to go, share an evening, light candles, eat and relax.

And these are the last pictures of me you will see for a long time. I hate being in front of the camera.

more than enough to eat

more than enough to eat

I did mention food, didn’t I?

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6 Responses to Hannukah!

  1. Linda says:

    what a great party! I love the idea of Hannukah-in-a-box! thanks for sharing the photos. My menorah is out on the counter ready to light tonight. Happy Hannukah to you, your family, and your colleagues at Bagram.

  2. Allison says:

    Great pictures. Happy Hannuka!

  3. Ruth says:

    Guns and Latkes! Could be the name of a rock group!

  4. Mark says:

    Good for you, nice weapon. Hey cutie, how come no smile? It’s one of our few happy holidays.
    Happy Hanukkah!!

  5. Berg says:

    Great times, thanks Holly and to all of your folks….Happy Chanukah

  6. Barbara says:

    Loved the photos.
    Got some questions.
    Why are you not smiling? Is it protocol (to look professional) or were you just taken by surprise?

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