Halloween — 5 Comments

  1. Hope your are all well and that the winds have died down in your part of the world.

    Strong winds and occasional downpours greeted southern England this morning.

  2. Great costumes. We had some kids in very well done hand/home made costumes, including one young lady dressed as a Starbucks latte. The foam was represented as floofy ruffles around the neckline.

    That said, it was cold, windy and had been raining all day, so rather than having 300-400 kids, we only had 150. I did get rid of the little pots of playdoh from last year’s stock. We returned one of the Costco size bags of candy to Costco yesterday.

  3. I never had a problem with “costumes in the work place.” To this day, even without a work place, my costume is sticking out my tongue—so I’m a hemorrhoid! Regards to one and all.

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