Guildford/Woking Slackers

Or is it Woking/Guildford Slackers?

In either case, it is a fun bunch who meet on Wednesday evenings for knitting, food, chat, beer, and of course, cider. The Guildford meet-up location is The Drummond. Traditional pub food was augmented by a couple of vegetarian offerings (I won’t try the lentil/spinach burger again – booooooring). Weeks alternate location between the two towns.

Other than the fact that the energy level made me feel old (heck, I think everyone but one in the group this evening is younger than my Eldest), a great time was had by all. Work stories, good humor and a lot of trading knitting help abounded.

Managed several more ridges on Pagode –

working my way back up the stripe pattern

working my way back up the stripe pattern

The back has been joined completely to the front and you can see the shaping that has been accomplished by the use of short-rows.

short rows for shaping under the arm

short rows for shaping under the arm

The only challenge that is getting me a bit worried is that I started this section of dark grey with 15 gm. I now have 8 gm left with four ridges to go. It is going to be close, really close.

Meanwhile – I started Long Spoon Lane by Anne Perry in audio. I like her writing style and the reader is the same from her WWI series. He is excellent, clear pronounciation (important for us non-UK people) and good pacing.

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