Guildford Meet-Up

After months of trying, I was was able to get to a knitters’ meet up in Guildford. Normally the third Sunday of the month at the White Horse Pub (8 High Street). Ms Copper agreed to come along, no knitting but with iPod and reading.

This time, with the GPS properly programmed it was easy (and next time I won’t bother with it at all). Parking at York Road long term turned out not to exceed the amount of coins in my pocket. Which is pretty impressive since I rarely have any change at all on hand.

There were three knitters – Sazzle, Heather, and Mary.

At the White House Pub

At the White House Pub

Sarah was knitting these wonderfully funny little toppers for charity. Heather is working on a sweater she designed her self in the most lovely clear turquoise. And then there is MaryHenry.

body of fairisle sweater

body of fairisle sweater

Elegant fairisle, perfect tension, as lovely inside as out. She has the body complete and was working on the sleeves. Knit of course in real Shetland. I was careful not to drool directly on her knitting but it was close.

I have more paperwork to do this evening. Ugh.

Audio Books

Another hour on Rusty Nail plus wandered onto Overdrive (AF link) and downloaded a book or two. Selection seems to be pretty limited.

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