What a wonderful thing, four pick up slips in my box today when I careened through the mail room right before their window closed. There was my box from The Woolery containing bobbins and dyes. There was this nice, small box. Inside were lovely stitchmarkers from JL Yarnworks for both regular knitting and socks/lace so that I have a chance not to lose my place in lace sock tops.

Also in the extras are my new sock blockers. Sold by The Knitting Haven , these are probably the best available for the money. Unlike some others that I have purchased, these are absolutely smooth on the edges making it unlikely to catch and pull on the sock.

To further my happiness, my yarn came in from Wollfactory. In it were four balls of Regia Silk Shine in mocha (on sale for about 2€ each) which are destined to turn into one of the Cookie A patterns., Additonally there was a ball of Art Socks 2 [Trekking in color 131 ] and…..the real find – five hanks of Trekking Sport – skeined and bound for the dyepot. If that was not enough, the aprons from arrived to please the teens with ghosts and skulls (don’t ask – they are teenagers).

Finally, there was this little box from New Orleans. I sat there. I don’t remember ordering anything from New Orleans. The box says Pralines By Jean. Now I have been very good and simply have avoided ever cruising on the internet for sweets. Inside is a beautiful presentation box, with a note saying “Thank you for the STR yarn” and signed by someone whom I do not know. I am now completely confused. I had sent my extra yarn from the first go round of the STR Rocking Sock Club to a lovely woman in California. Further down the pile was an envelope from her. The note inside explained: she had finished her second sock and had yarn left. Passing the good dead forward, she mailed off the remaining yarn to another member who was short yarn in Louisiana.

 the box of goodies, and the socks of the controversy

Now it was clear. From BFMA in area code 503 to me in Heidelberg Germany, to Los Angeles, California to New Orleans, LA. We have all heard of the traveling sock. This is the traveling sock yarn. There is a bit of that skein now in socks in Germany, Los Angeles, and the Gulf Coast. Not bad at all for Monsoon….


Not much was accomplished today. I managed a couple more rounds on the Cottonwood Vest (it seems to take forever to knit even one round and there are only 226 stitches on the needles) and finished the leg and heel flap on the second tiger. Life, work and needing the frozen groceries just got in the way. But I now have another picture to post, this is baby in her Half-Circle Cardigan.

 Cottonwood 04112007  half circle cardigan

And I dropped off the last back-zip sweater today. I am going to have to try something different for the next batch.

11 April 07

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2 Responses to Goodies

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s so nice that there’s so much good knitting karma going around — and all because of a pair of socks!

  2. stacey says:

    What great packages – thanks for the link to the sock blockers – they look better than some others I have seen.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment on my socks! I appreciate it!!!!

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