Going nowhere fast

docking a few minutes early I was all set to snatch a quick breakfast before heading into town

Then I decided to wait until it was light out which meant that I didn’t have to hurry quite as much. Chatting at breakfast with a lovely woman from Australia who is traveling with her mum, it was mentioned that they had homeless chocolate covered strawberries.

We simply can’t have that now can we?

Picking up strawberries, conversation and a trip back to the cabin; it is now almost 1000.I look out my balcony. The Aquarium is visible with the bridge cables behind it. From this distance one can imagine all sorts of strange objects and impressions.

Most importantly, I don’t feel a burning need to hike there. I don’t need to shop. Although aggravating, I am managing with my iPhone. So I need to go where ? $12 shuttle from this industrial port to town ? Through a rather questionable area to the aquarium ?

Or take a nap so maybe I can return to the local time zone ? Or eat strawberries ?

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