Glass Doors

It seems to me that large glass doors – oh about the size and shape of the one leading into the fitness center on the Legend – need to have a large sign on them at about face height. Most certainly they should not be so clear and clean that you don’t see that they are there. Is that enough said? My head is hard but my knee has a significant bruise on it.

In any case it put a slightly different end on the day than what I had planned. Not that I didn’t enjoy myself today. I slept, read, talked to a few people and finished the back on my Ypsilon Vest. I made it to the fitness center and pushed my number of steps past 10k for the day according to the FitBit.

I just hadn’t planned on sitting this evening with an ice pack on my knee and whining. So shoot me now!

Have met some interesting people: there is a couple from Canada a few hours from both Calgary and Edmonton who will be on ship until Quebec City. They are lovely, less polite than a few other Canadians and have the distinction of their parents having immigrated from Minnesota ~ 1910 since the US was getting too crowded (especially with their fellow Norwegians) according to family history. A sail away I met a couple of guys who live in Hamburg. One is German, the other came to Germany for a Master’s degree about 15 years ago and is still here.

And yes, there are a significant number of staff who are either still on board from last spring or have been on leave and have now returned for the trip back to the US.


In other news – I forgot to mention didn’t I that I dropped off 19 kids books at the USO on the way to the states last month. Put 10 on the shelves in Neuegasse last week on Thursday and another 11 on Friday.

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