We left Banff not all that early in the morning with a pick-up promptly from the hotel. After changing to the correct bus once again at the Central Transportation Terminal we were off – bound for Lake Louise via Johnston Canyon.

The hour stop was about enough for most people to be able to hike the half mile in each direction to the Lower Falls with the upper being about a mile further along the River. We stopped at the first falls and I thought seriously about going on but decided that perhaps having to jog and take a chance on missing the bus (did I mention the uphill climb?) was probably not in my best interest.

We then went for a stop at Castle Mountain – but as you can see, the clouds were not particularly helpful, not clearing off till after we were back on the bus.

After lunch, we elected to skip the rest of the bus tour in favor of the 11km trek up to Six Glaciers Tea House. Elevation change was a bit over 1000 m.

Beyond the tea house – it was another 1.4 to the lookout point each way. It is all too clear how significantly the glaciers are receding. My thought is that they are going to have to decrease the “number of glaciers” in the all too near future. What we also noticed was that there was still significant amounts of glacier under the gravel debris from previous years/avalanches.

On the hike back which was mostly but not completely downhill the view of the emerging river (from under the glacier) the high walls (which I am sure were previously the glacier boundaries, and Lake Louise were pretty impressive.

Oh, yes – it is another Fairmont Hotel.

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