Girls and luggage

They finally arrived from the US this morning after an overnight flight on British Airways from BWI, Ms Soprano and one of her friends from school. Looking a bit tired around the edges, they napped for a good portion of the day. Their luggage arrived without difficulty.

On the way home received a call from the DH. Luggage located. Still at the distro point near Heathrow.

After dropping the girls at the house (see above) and picking up the DH (claim slips are really important) we merrily followed the GPS lady around, over, beside and through all sorts of places on the back side of Heathrow that I had never imagined. We found Rico’s. The nice man there found our luggage.

We drove home. Everything was still there five days later. The Maus had all her things plus new underwear, cosmetics and two Bench outfits to the good. My DH was just relieved to see his good running shoes.

And me? I am going to celebrate by turning on the heat!

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