Getting to Maastricht

It was just short of 2000 last night when I had a blinding flash of the obvious. I didn’t have to pack liquids in my suitcase. I was taking the train. Yes, I know that it should have been in my mind early on but you have to remember that I normally take the train to the airport so train in my mind is normally an intermediate form of transportation, not the definitive one. In this case it meant that I could toss my toothpaste, sunblock and hand lotion in my backpack without fear of loss at the first security point. What security point? I am taking the train. Or rather – trains.

Today I am headed to Maastricht in the Netherlands for the ISTM Conference on Travel Medicine (19-23 May).

Just in case you cared – by road it is 343 km which means Google maps estimates driving time around 3:10 ( I will spare you the 23 steps of the driving distance). By public transportation (now also there complete with numbers of changes) the estimate is around 5:19 from Google.

Heidelberg Hbf
Train IC
Train IC 2216 towards Stralsund Hbf
8:25am – 11:15am (2 hours 50 mins, 5 stops)
Köln Hbf
High speed train ICE
High speed train ICE 16 towards Bruxelles-Midi
11:43am – 12:16pm (33 mins, 1 stop)
Aachen Hbf
Train RB
Train RB 11912 towards Heerlen
12:32pm – 12:59pm (27 mins, 6 stops)
Walk to Landgraaf
About 1 min (7 mins to make transfer)
Landgraaf (Platform 1)
Train Stoptrein
Train towards Maastricht Randwyck
1:06pm – 1:44pm (38 mins, 10 stops)


The Netherlands

This is what the Bahn had to say:

Heidelberg Hbf Sa, 18.05.13 ab 08:25 5 IC 2216 Intercity
Köln Hbf Sa, 18.05.13 an 11:15 5
Umsteigezeit anpassen
Köln Hbf Sa, 18.05.13 ab 11:43 6 ICE 16 Intercity-Express
Aachen Hbf Sa, 18.05.13 an 12:16 9
Umsteigezeit anpassen
Aachen Hbf Sa, 18.05.13 ab 12:32 1 RB 11912
RB 11962
Fahrradmitnahme begrenzt möglich
Heerlen Sa, 18.05.13 an 13:06
Umsteigezeit anpassen
Heerlen Sa, 18.05.13 ab 13:16 4 32044 Regionalzug
Fahrradmitnahme begrenzt möglich

In actuality, it is going to take me slightly more than 6 hours because  I have to take an alternate method from Koln on since all the seats are sold out on ICE 16 and I need to take a regional instead.

obviously, I am over the border into Holland

obviously, I am over the border into Holland

It doesn’t bother me – I save money and enjoy the the Bummelbahns. Besides, it leaves me more time to knit.

Speaking of same – I finished the simple cotton scarf to go with one of the hats knit in March.

Allegedly the hotel has WiFi.

1600 Update

Yes the hotel has wifi – no charge! I am ensconced in a most comfortable room after having trucked across the city (ok, only 1,4 km) to get here. I am about to go out and wander around including finding some supper, but first wanted to finish up this note.  Now I have to just decide what is next on the project list for those between lecture times….

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