Getting there

And another day spent spinning in circles.

Or so it seemed.

Between saving Audio Books so that I would have music on the trip and making phone calls, I felt that my life was perhaps coming under control.

I haven’t heard back from the nice school lady. She is TDY next week, and I am gone for the next three. The kids may have a school interview somewhere around 19-20 Dec. They are not running on thrilled, but I can hope that something sparks their interest.

At least I managed to clean out my inbox, handle a couple of taskings and complete a support form before grabbing my leave form and heading out the door.


Not much to report. I have to decide on the projects for my cruise. After all, the boat floats on Monday and I would like to have everything packed on Saturday.

Which reminds me – have you seen some of the lovely patterns on Wolke 7? I am looking at Mein Weg as a cruise knit. Since the author states that it is TV knitting worthy, it should do just fine. There are a couple of changes that I might make. Other than making it smaller (grin) – and that is to see if I can ditch the garter stitch. Probably not, as it would have a different drape. I may also steek the front so that it matches. I have this lovely cone of Kauni in blues, purples and a bit of green. Now to see if I have enough black on hand for a contrast or will have to hit the yarn store today.

But I have to do that anyway since I have one more Peadpod to knit. Unless someone can suggest something different. (I put my copy of Babies and Bears somewhere).

Audio Books

I managed to pull seven books to my hard drive in and among everything else I was doing. I am not sure what I will want to listen to and a choice would be nice. The laptop weighs the same regardless, which is not something I can say for hauling along a large number of CDs.

Which reminds me – I switched over to FreeRip from Real Player and Window Media Player. It is more than happy to run on a computer that it not hooked up to the Internet. And it just rips. Not plays, not argues with me about what I want to do. It also is a bit faster than the other programs. Important factor when you have large numbers of CDs to deal with.



Stairs to workout rooms. Shaolin Center. From 9 Aug this summer in China.


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