getting paged

Well, the whole system worked. I finished up everything that was time sensitive and got to the PAX terminal last night before 1800. Show time turned out to be a surprise. For whatever reason, there were less than 20 of us looking for a ride on the C-17 to Kuwait which means that I bailed back to the BHut to pack.

What should also not be surprising is that 1800+3 hours + fiddling around time + 4 1/2 hours in the air + bus time and hiking around meant that it was terribly late when I hit the tent here. Same tent, and actually same bed as I used when I was here in Sept.

Wavering between taking a shower and just crashing – I was undressed and ready to crawl in bed when I get paged. As in – Attention in the LSA would (fill in my name) please report immediately to the J3 LNO tent. It is after 0230 and it is not like I really care for everyone in the area getting their sleep disrupted.

I had been there not 15 minutes before; thought we had everything straightened out. Guess not. Groaning, I got up, dressed and hiked to the other end of the LSA (life support area). The crisis? The kid who is my POC had just returned from an airport run and had been told in no uncertain terms by his boss the previous evening that he was supposed to introduce himself. Make sure that he was prepared to support the errands, pickup and drop off runs that I needed.

SPC = E4. Nice earnest young man who is trying to follow up on what was requested. Not. his. fault.

Thanked him very much. Arranged to manage things for today (oh, wait a minute – it is already today) and crawled back to bed.

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  1. Ann says:

    Isn’t retirement looking better and better all the time???

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