The seas rocked me to sleep last night. Since the cause was high winds, the ship this morning was about 30 minutes behind schedule (large ship, rough seas, 60km headwinds). I will not entertain you with the huge amount of whining from various passengers when they heard the late docking information.

one Radiance - quiet seas now

one Radiance – quiet seas now

Hello? the world is not going to end if you have 30 minutes less in a port. Besides, there is this small matter of tendering.

Geraldton is what I might describe (as at least described by the locals who are both friendly and loquacious) as a typical Western Australian Town. It has the usual history (caretaker by the Aboriginals, coveted by the European Settlers, taken over by the later).

But the town is fairly level with the downtown area several blocks by several blocks and an interesting combination of locally owned and chains with a few box stores tossed in for good measures.

I walked by the original Victoria Hospital



on the way up the hill to the HMAS Sydney II Memorial (the A stands for Australia, the HM to the UK Royalty). The ship was sunk near the end of WWiI with her 645 man contingent. Looking at the names and the areas of the country, every Australian area was represented as well as UK.

A saunter back down led me past an incredible front yard



and right past a Quilt Shop. Going out of business the woman said – retiring. All sorts were interested in buying me out until they learned that they were actually going to have on-going overhead costs as well as costs for the inventory. Seems like the business sense was lacking, along with the cash and the willingness to work 7 days a week. I browsed but didn’t see anything uniquely Australian for which my suitcase thanks me. Since she was down to 5% of her original inventory, no surprise.

Then I stumbled on the Used Books and Internet Cafe where I am at the present.

from here it is

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  1. Internet is back on the menu!

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