Geiranger Norway

The town has a base population of 300 and a harbour limit of 8000. Today the limit was reached with just our ship and one from MSC lines.

My day started extremely early. I had set my alarm in order to see some of the fjord on the 5 hour sail in. The view is breathtaking, even with mist and rain.


Twisting and turning on our way in from the ocean the fjord is fairly narrow which gives me the idea it is relatively deep or ships wouldn’t come.

The main industry of the town is now tourism. Between the steady flow if cruise ships plus a number of caravan parks there is a steady influx all summer long.

A group of decided to take the local scenic bus tour to Mt Dalsnibba (sp.) A stop part way up the mountain looking back down to the town.

The road, only open in the summer months, winds back and forth switchback after switchback climbing over 1200 meters past waterfalls

And glaciers


Of course, when we arrived at the mountain top it completely clouded over and started to rain. Hung on around the curves on the way down then walked from the Fjordcentre.

Just before getting back on the tender –


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