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Garage of Shame — 18 Comments

  1. I think we should have shown you the shed(s) – mind you I have succeeded in removing a bit more of late…

  2. Thank you, Holly- I’ll be keeping these images for some time, I think.
    Brad on occasion gripes about our garage which, after all, holds both vehicles at the same time with a generous 2-3 ft. clearance on all sides of each.
    His “creep” is a near match for mine, neither is growing, & when pressed we agree that patio furniture Must Be Stowed during certain weather.
    Any progress in the garage this year will be from me… don’t hold your breath.

    • I never thought he would clean the garage – tote the furniture – yes. Toss out army stuff? Ha!

    • you did notice I didn’t post the studio in the house? or our closet? or the laundry room? Small steps here!

  3. I give you applause for the garage work. As you know, I still have the basement from Heck. Gladys has some stuff to store, and I have a fake Christmas tree I do NOT want to push into the attic, so this is giving me a poke to get down there and clean out another corner. Necessity is the mother of de-hording?

  4. I love the 363. Gorgeous lines and colors. Especially the lines.

    I have the house of shame. And the garage of shame.

    Nibble, nibble, little mouse, and maybe someday I’ll get cleared enough to move out!

    • Thanks for the compliment on the cross stitch.

      We used to joke that you never completely unpacked from a move – you had to keep boxes still packed as seed for the next move.

      Either that – or the moment you were all set – it was time to move again!

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