Fumba Beach

Leaving Stone town, we headed toward one of the nature reserves. Would you believe Red Colobus monkeys (Zanzibar) ? Blue Monkeys? How about Mangroves?

How about all of the above with a side of mahogany tree?

As we arrived, there was a blue sykes monkey – so now I have a decent photo…



found in the forest

the monkey forest

the monkey forest

Red Colubus Monkeys – Zanzibar subspecies

and a mangrove swamp with white, red and black mangroves whose water varies from cms to a meter deep depending on the tides. The water is still and the reflections are amazing…






Then there was the seaweed farm located on the coast



which included a wonderful hike out to the beds in the shallow but always covered portion of a particular Indian Ocean beach flanked on both sides by dozens of kite surfers.


to make the day complete we arrived in plenty of time for briefings, snacks, dinner and bush babies.




and yes, they are primates

and yes, they are primates


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