Full Day on the Serengeti



Game-viewing drives

(and I am sparing you the rhetoric. Hey, we went out, saw a lot of animals, swatted at the flies and had a great time…) Seriously – we headed to the Western side of the park on the rumor that there were a lot of wildebeasts… Incredibly true. Once I am home hopefully I can get Dani to take the video and turn it into something worth watching. Nothing like seeing thousands of animals suddenly appear from across a riverbed, thunder down within a hundred meters of where you are sitting before changing direction, picking up speed and heading across the plain.

Pictures today are in the order taken….

and ignoring flat tire #3 (same vehicle, same tire, third day in a row.) since the guys are pretty speedy, especially with a leopard hunting in the area

tour leader and the other two drivers

tour leader and the other two drivers

But then we came to the Wildebeasts ….

To top off the day – there were lions…
personally I think he is pretty scruffy, but I suppose youth is an excuse.

and then, we saw their potential supper on the way back

Grant's Gazelle

Grant’s Gazelle

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