Frost on

This morning, it was the windows –


and the back garden.


yesterday’s blooms



and frost flowers on cars.


Making it much nicer to stay in the house


The Blue Faced Leicester only needs to be skeined, washed and mailed.
Leaving me free to take out a very spring looking Tussah/Merino blend hand-painted Roving from Winderwood Farms.
Practically glowing in the sunshine, it makes such a cheerful singles.
After spinning about an hours worth, I finished up the toe on


The Trekking XXL Art Yarn socks
The next socks up will be of Opal Bamboo
keeping in the cheerful colour theme

Viking Sweater

In my effort to crank off socks, I haven’t worked on this at all this week. Working my way up the mountains, I now have 44 cm finished.
That is the good part, right along with being spot on with my revised gauge (no way did I want a 121cm sweater, instead preferring 100 cm). The catch of course is that the row gauge is also affected, which was what I expected.
Given where I now am in the pattern, without further lengthening the sweater will be 58cm long instead of the printed pattern’s 67cm.
To see an example of the pattern knit as writ – you can look at Anni”s on Ravelry.  I have the choice of inserting some rows of just white (and fussing with the front and back so that the edge pattern stays intact) or lengthening the diamond pattern at the top.

What do you think?

Audio Book

Disks 4-8 of Flashpoint. Much as I am enjoying this book (and believe it or not, this is one that I have previously read), I am beginning to suspect that I really prefer abridged books. My attention span is just not up to 11 CD stories. I never take more than a couple of days to read a book, why would I want it to take 11 hours to hear it? Yes, I do miss some of the descriptive settings, but it balances by making most mysteries and thrillers move a bit faster.

Fair amount done today I would say, as I head off to read blogs.


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