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  1. and I am glad that I am one of those in your email list !! Thanks for letting me be “part” of these people in your live !!

    Sending hugs your way …

  2. My friends are not around the world so much as the United States. Mine are called my “best friends I have never met” and they are all very special people

      • Well, you ARE, but specifically why now? I like that post about friends around the world.

        Anyway, you aren’t all over social media, you don’t do Facebook, or Twitter, and to have someone who ISN’T all over social media telling a story about the value of online social connections adds value to the counter-narrative I’ve been trying to communicate. You just made my day job and my personal life that little tiny bit easier.

        Thank you

    • Oh, I most assuredly due. It was that Trans-Atlantic and the warm welcome from you and JoAnn that made me decide that travel by ship was worth the time and effort. adding status on Royal changed some of my patterns. If I ever get back to cruising again – I am going to be back on deck in the morning searching out interesting people!

  3. Thanks for including me! You get all the credit for staying connected, as you are the one who writes the emails. I admire your discipline on that.

  4. I was just thinking, what a lovely e-mail about staying connected (completely agree – I see far too many people in Social Security Tribunals who have become completely socially isolated) when, further down, I read your amazing words about – er, me! I’m sure I don’t deserve such honors – just (as they say) doing my job to the best of my ability and nowadays trying to use my ‘retirement’ to best advantage. Although to be truthful, I am passionate about the veterans’ study. But thank you for your very generous words – it made my day and is much appreciated.

  5. Hello!
    Another knitting veteran popping by to say hi. I’m not great at staying in touch, but I do find electronic options helpful. I appreciate your blog and am constantly amazed at your accomplishments. And I have great memories of getting to work with you!

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