Four weeks

and not 4 weeks. Blog posts that start with a number don’t seem to accept comments. Since much of what I write can wind up duplicated in the email distro list and here – there you go!  

What have I accomplished? I am unpacked, spend a lot of hours at work doing a job that probably needs to be done, gotten to know the people with whom I work, and  have a couple of the computer systems under control and will work on the other two in the next couple of days. Such is my life, hours in front of the keyboard.  

Oh yes, and books. Have read a couple dozen paperbacks, registered them at and dropped them off at MWR so that someone else can enjoy them.  Audiobooks – I have enough to last the duration at the rate of 3 a week (well, not really but close).  

I am knitting in the evening, making good progress on the second scarf that I started back at Ft Benning. I have yarn for socks, including a SOM from Blue Moon, so socks will be next on the list


At 0530 this morning, I met a couple of other people from the office. We were going to ride the perimeter road. An easy 8 miles they told me. After the first mile, I hung a left and headed toward the office. I have no leg muscles, or at leasts ones that don’t adapt easily to a new form of exercise. I like my own pace, not that of other people’s. It was obviously one of those times where that 15-20 year age difference made a significant difference.


 Still working on the phones. DSN is not area codes as I found out by comparing the DISA site with a numerical listing of area codes. Roaming charges would be unbelieveable anyway so am not going there.

 Nap time!

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3 Responses to Four weeks

  1. ruth says:

    It sounds like you’re adjusting well. I’m really enjoying reading about your life. This is so beyond anything I know about.

    Stay well.

  2. Ron says:

    One mile is a start… next time take it 1.25… every little bit helps. Physiologically age has no disadvantage over youth. They just have fewer prior injuries, and less long term memory of the pain that will follow a hard workout. Younger people have likely never really been through a significant illness and its associated deconditioning. The journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step.

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