Found them

Or perhaps it would be better to say that they found me.

The teens were arriving at London City Airport this morning. Early, oh lets say around 0645. Starting at 0715, I tried reaching them on their cell phones. All Handi calls kept going to mailbox. I finally received a call from George at work, the kids had been able to reach him. Obviously calling out was not a problem.

Looking at the train schedule, they were arriving momentarily in Camberley. Bailing for the train station, they were not happy campers.

Apparently they had been trying to reach me. Since they have German Handis, the phones kept changing networks literally every couple of kilometers. Not a problem if you are dialing out, but impossible to reach.

Every one has recovered and I might even be forgiven since the problem belonged to the phone system.

Meanwhile, they had food and crashed since they had been up probably earlier than 0400 Central European time.


The Silver Streaks are complete


and I have started a pair of purple ribbed socks to go with the Mein Weg sweater. The yarn is Valley Farms, with colouring by Kangaroo Dyer.


Books & Whatever

Miriam and I are watching Medium (First Season) on Dvd. Don’t ask me why, but we are both enjoying the show.


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