Found objects

It is totally and completely amazing how many treasures appear when one is organizing and cleaning. Now we will completely ignore the yarn, fiber, patterns and fabric treasures. We all know about those hidden jewels, most of which are not all that hidden but easily forgotten: yarn bought by the bag at Ally-Pally because it was such a good deal with no project in mind; the rest of the bolt because it cost the same as 4 meters, those bright pretty braids of hand dyed wool seen hanging at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. All of which tells you how long some of those treasures have been hiding in bags, bins or cabinets.

But some found objects bring back good or interesting memories –

the long missing US pay-as-you-go stateside phone

the long missing US pay-as-you-go stateside phone

For example, there was this phone I purchased in Reno while at Renovation in 2011 which disappeared into the house sometime last fall. So there I was in the US this past Jan without a stateside phone. It turned up in the “important basket” on the dining room ledge. Now I remember putting it there, in a place where I could easily find it.

Then there are the various knitted objects – socks which saw a lot of use and a couple of hats which I think may still be pristine!

There is a princess dress still to be hemmed

costume for one of the girls? some time in the 90s?

costume for one of the girls? some time in the 90s?

A mitten (one of four) which I remember being on small hands that first winter we lived on Schlossberg and the kids went sledding down the cobble stones directly in front of the house.

hand puppet/mitten also mid 90s

hand puppet/mitten also mid 90s

And then there are the treasures which I brought back from various deployments, including handknits from BosFam (Bosnian Family Coop) of which Alison is going to have her pick this coming Decemeber

socks bought at BosFam ~1998

socks bought at BosFam ~1998

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7 Responses to Found objects

  1. Alison says:

    Oh wow, beautiful, all of them!

  2. Carmen says:

    Fun finds!
    And that is probably the phone that had the number that I have for you in my cell phone, just guessing!

  3. Zandra says:

    I am exhausted from all your work and never want to do that but I suppose it is inevitable. You are younger than me though, so I have an excuse…lol.

  4. Isobel says:

    Those Anna Zilborg hats are fantastic!

  5. Pat says:

    Once your household goods are shipped you will cut your ties to Germany?
    If so, that is a huge change.
    For me, living in Switzerland has proved a good choice.
    I cannot believe I have been here for 2 years…..time really flies.

    Following your trials with clearing your home I am challenged to sort out/toss most of the remaining boxes that have been sitting in basement for last 2 years. Challenged but have not yet put action to the thought.

  6. Vicki says:

    What fun to “find” the lost treasures!!

  7. Bev says:

    Loved seeing all the found objects must have bought back memeries

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