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I might have mentioned back more than a few weeks ago now that my good glasses had gone among the missing. They aren’t anything fancy, but they fit and have the right prescription. In the unfocused blur that is my world without lenses, I have searched the house more than once. I had also sent my DH looking when he was here.

In the interim, I have been wearing one of two pairs of old glasses. The script is not that far off, but one pair is scratched so badly that it is almost impossible to see through them and the other pair is crystal clear but frequently comes apart in the middle. (Any guesses on which pair originated during my Kuwait time?)

I since I can’t see without my glasses, normally I am extremely careful about where I put them down (all the usual places – any handy surface, the top of my head, the shelf in the bathroom – would that I was really as careful as I claim). The Mole has not been here or they would have been found. For years he was known as Eagle Eyes and finder of lost things.

You can see where I am going with this.

For some unknown reason, I awoke this morning with an interest in cleaning. I had two choices – go back to bed with a book till the fit wore off or give it a try. Looking around my bedroom, it would do one of my teens proud. So I got up and started to organize. The whole process got out of control. Before 1100 I managed to scrub the kitchen including the floor, two bathrooms, and vacuum the house. This included that bedroom together with the living room and dining room. The excavating unearthed the laundry basket necessitating three loads of laundry after adding in the towels, tablecloth and bed linens.

While this was going on, my neighbor had been left on his own by his wife who was out for the day with friends. He came charing over with the riding lawnmower and ran down the back lawn again.

Amazing what?

the lawn has been completely mowed

Honestly cut lawn without the benefit of horses.

close up

But the most important thing? I found my glasses, the missing pair. They were tangled up in the server cords under the night stand next to my bed. The cords are black, both fat and thin. The frames are a steel grey and have been there, just about a meter from my face for weeks but I just didn’t see them.


Have six repeats completed on Hyacinth.

We Rogues of Wool

I rarely go to YouTube, but you need to take a few minutes, all ye pirates and knitters, to go here or here if you want author’s comments. If you want to see the rest of the strips along with the Charles Balwin’s blog go to LittleDee


Playing for Keeps by Mur Lafferty. A world of ordinary people, strange superheros and some minor players who are heros after all.

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  1. Lorette says:

    OK, I think you’ve led me to a new obsession with those cartoons. I might never get that song out of my head!

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